We support our customers in replacing non-renewable fuels with renewable energy

The use of fossil fuels has a significant impact on the total carbon footprint of rental equipment. We see an increasing demand from customers regarding electrification and renewable fuels. 85% of the units within our energy powered fleet are already today powered by electricity and we continuously work to increase that number. Our target is to have 90% electric powered units within the energy powered fleet by 2023.

To help our customers achieve their CO2 emission reduction targets and switch to renewable energy we focus on:

#1 Increasing the share of units powered by electricity within the energy powered fleet. We continuously evaluate electric driven alternatives together with our customers and manufacturers to meet the growing demand for electric equipment. One such example is the Kramer 5055e, an electric driven wheel loader and a popular alternative among our customers.

#2 Increasing the use of renewable fuels on units that are not powered by electricity. We are implementing the use of biofuels in our machines as an alternative to decrease the carbon footprint of our equipment. This is the reason behind our decision to approve the use of biofuels that meets the EN15940 and EN590 standards (i.e. HVO100) for all diesel driven equipment in our fleet.

 #3 Working together with customers to enable the transition to fossil free construction and job sites. We participate in projects aiming to create CO2-free and emission free construction sites. Our contribution to these projects has varied from the provision of battery driven equipment to providing fossil-free heating solutions at the construction site.

 #4 Exploring the opportunities with digitalisation to help our customers make sustainable choices. We have developed mobile applications to optimise the equipment usage on site in order to increase efficiency and limit the environmental impact from rental equipment. We are piloting rental alerts to remind our customers to return unused items which not only improves our customers’ productivity but also the sustainability of our business by increasing the utilization of the machines during their life cycle.

The journey to replace non-renewable fuels with renewable energy sources is an important one for Cramo. Join us in our transition!