What is the environmental impact of rental?

Rental is a sustainable sharing economy business in many aspects and a more circular economy is what is needed to ensure a sustainable future. By sharing tools and equipment we contribute to carbon reduction. But how much?

The European Rental Association (ERA) has initiated the “Positive environmental impact of rental” project with the objective to analyse the climate impact of renting versus buying. Ten pieces of equipment from different categories have been selected. These include excavators, boom lifts, a generator and a battery drill.

The Utrecht-based Climate Neutral Group (CNG) is managing the execution of the project and the outcome will be presented at the next ERA Convention, 15-16 May 2019 in Madrid.

At Cramo we look forward to the result, as it will add even more weight to the argument of renting.

Read more about what CNG does at https://www.climateneutralgroup.com/en/


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