Cramo Work Safety

Work Safety

Health and safety at customer sites

Safety is our first priority and an integral part of our business. Cramo provides a wide range of safety equipment as well as training and broader safety solutions. Our vision is zero accidents at  construction sites.

Increasing demand for safety training

Cramo School is our successful concept for offering training to customers in order to efficiently create awareness and competence to prevent accidents at construction sites. One of Cramo School’s strengths is connecting theory to practice – making participants actively aware that they should not take unnecessary risks and of how to work safely.

We receive an ever-growing number of requests for safety training from customers. External safety training is provided in eight countries. A total of 11.000 individuals participated in safety training sessions arranged by Cramo in 2016.

Cramo Care

Our work with sustainability took notable steps forward in 2016 as we crystallised our strategy on how to integrate sustainability in all parts of our business strategy through the Cramo Care programme. We now have a solid foundation to systematically continue our work in this important area. Our ambition is to embed sustainability even more deeply in all our operations and decision-making.

“I am convinced that our responsible way of working will create value for both Cramo and our customers, and generate benefits to all our stakeholders and to society”, says Leif Gustafsson, CEO Cramo Group.

Being a caring member of the local community is a long-term commitment for Cramo. Our aim is to be a responsible corporate citizen and contribute to a sustainable future. Priority is given at all times to our customers’ key concerns – safety at construction sites, resource efficiency and strong business ethics.

Responsible sharing is the core of our business

Cramo wants to be an active shaper of the rental industry and a driver of the sharing economy. Our ambition is to play an active role in developing sustainable rental solutions, enabling our customers to provide safe working environments, cut their energy usage, reduce their climate impact and minimise waste. We approach this by a close cooperation with customers who share our vision, and together with experts from all stakeholder groups.

Customer case: Metsä Fibre

Metsä Fibre uses Cramo School to train worksite management and supervisors.

Metsä Fibre, part of the Metsä Group, is building Finland’s largest bioproduct plant. Worksite safety manager and safety coordinator Ilkka Karvonen has defined the training requirements. Cramo School offers fall protection training for the site, which is designed to meet the requirements specified by Metsä Fibre.

“We offer Cramo’s training to all foremen in the companies whose employees’ jobs include working at heights at our worksite. Training is offered both to contractors and to our own employees,” Karvonen notes.

Cramo’s safety specialist Mikko Yläjääski points out that fall protection training includes a lot more than just guidance on how a harness should be used.

“The training includes guidance on the use of collective fall protection and personal fall protection equipment. Scaffolding, barriers and handrails are primary solutions to ensure safety on worksites, but we also need personal protection equipment to achieve complete safety,” Yläjääski comments.

“There are 100-200 additional employees coming to the worksite every month. At the end of 2016, there were around 2,500 employees working at the site. So it does make sense to hold training sessions on a regular basis,” Karvonen says and praises the training sessions as being very useful and practical.

“Many employees do not know how to wear their harness right without guidance, so Cramo’s training is very beneficial. We have also reviewed how to use proper handrails and other important things related to safety.”