Environmental care

Reducing our environmental footprint is a continuous focus area and a priority at Cramo, and our aim is to be the most climate- and resource-efficient rental solutions company. We take a precautionary approach to environmental considerations in our procurement decisions and the selection of suppliers as well as in our customer dialogues.

Improving energy efficiency

Reducing energy usage in transport, lighting and heating are key aspects of our sustainability work.

Our rental services include the transport of machinery and equipment to our customers. Items are also transported between depots as well as to customer sites. With route optimisation and improved driving patterns, we strive to reduce the number and length of transports, thus also reducing emissions.

Switching to renewable energy

The use of energy is critical to Cramo. We work con­tinuously to mitigate our climate impact by reducing energy use and switching to fossil-free energy sources wherever possible. Our target is 90% share of renewable electricity by 2023 and we also invest­ing in electrified company cars step by step.

Handling waste

We work systematically to increase material effi­ciency and to reduce waste, especially mixed waste and waste to landfill. Priorities include the handling of hazardous waste and increasing the share of waste for recycling. At all our depots and at our headquarters, sorting and recycling waste is part of our daily routine. All waste is treated by reliable suppliers and in accordance with national laws and regulations.