Environmental care

We take a precautionary approach to environmental decisions. Reducing our ecological footprint is a continuous focus area and a priority at Cramo, and our aim is to be the most climate- and resource-efficient rental solutions company.

Mitigating climate impace

We are constantly working to mitigate our climate impact by reducing energy usage, switching to fossil-free energy sources, and reusing and recycling materials.

Improving energy efficiency

Reducing energy usage in transport, lighting and heating are key aspects of our sustainability work.

Our rental services include the transport of machinery and equipment to our customers. Items are also transported between depots as well as to customer sites. With route optimisation and improved driving patterns, we strive to reduce the number and length of transports, thus also reducing emissions.

Another important aspect is reducing business travel. We promote and facilitate web and phone meetings whenever possible, and video conferences are increasingly used throughout the Group.

All depot signage to be upgraded with LED lighting

In 2016, we made the decision to upgrade the lighting in all our depot signage to LED lights in 2017 and 2018. Some depots had already made the transition to LED, and the decision affects the remaining 300 depots. Energy costs are expected to decrease by 65%. An average depot uses approximately 1100 W with flourescent lamps compared to 400 W with LED, ie about a third of the original energy consumption.

Handling waste

We work systematically to increase material efficiency and to reduce waste, especially mixed waste and waste to landfill. Priority issues are the handling of hazardous waste and increasing the share of waste for recycling.

Phasing out the use of single-bottom diesel tanks

In 2015, Cramo Norway started to phase out all singel-bottom diesel tanks. The aim was to improve environmental safety and minimise the risk of leakage. The work was completed during 2016.