Why rent from Cramo

Renting from Cramo is the easy and cost efficient way to gain access to equipment you need, but do not have. All equipment is easily available through our wide depot network and transportation services. We provide only well serviced equipment from strong brands and we always deliver on time. And by sharing you make your own business more sustainable.


An experienced organization with well trained professionals and high business ethics provides you with what you need, when you need it in a responsible way. And you can rely on us doing so in a responsible way at all levels of our company, locally and globally.

Sustainability and human rights: From our daily hands on operations to corporate business level we are committed to work for a better world, guided by the UN Global Compact and its principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

Reliable: Time is money and we make sure that you don’t lose either. You will get the equipment you need, on time, and if anything unexpected happens our high service level ensures that you get assistance instantly.


For you to manage your operations and projects it is crucial that practicalities work smoothly. We make it happen so you can put time and money where it’s needed.

Focus: We are experts on machinery, rental equipment and modular space, and we provide you with the best possible service solutions. This means that you can focus on your core business.

Cost effectiveness & transparency: By renting instead of owning your own equipment you share cost with others and therefore you get access to the best and most modern equipment available, without capital investment on your side. You also get a clear overview of your costs and can easily target expenses to different accounts and projects.


As one of Europe’s main actors in the rental industry our local presence and broad range of equipment can accommodate your needs instantly.

Freedom: As projects proceed, needs tend to change. With a rental solution from us, you get instant service and support and can easily adapt your rental equipment to your new situation.

Accessibility: With more than 220,00 rental items via our 300 depots and sales offices in 11 countries we make sure that we can give you accessible solutions, whatever your local needs are.

We choose Cramo