When it comes to construction and rental, we know what every successful project is made of. You know what must be done. Give us your needs and we’ll be there – right next to you with equipment, a solution and expertise that simply works. 

By choosing Cramo, you can trust that the job simply gets done since we promise that services and products with Cramo are simply available, functional and accurate. This applies to everything from renting our machines, helping plan a complex project or our invoicing.

It is all about simplicity, predictability and trustworthy partners with top-notch equipment that will never let you down. 

Digital Tools

Our digital solutions simplify the whole rental process. We make it easier for our customers to plan, rent, manage and return equipment digitally.

It’s all about providing simplicity, control and ease of use.


Our services adress your main concerns so that we can help you to run your projects safely, efficiently and sustainably. We provide solutions, from full site setup, logistics, jobsite condition management, utility supply and more.


Renting is the core of our business and our goal is to make renting as easy and simple as possible. Needs may vary, but we ensure smooth operation with availability and offer of tools and machines that simply work!

Whether you’re building big or small, you know what to do. We have the machines that you need, which simply work. Every day, again and again.