Cramo responds to the needs of industrial customers and develops services and operations from the customer’s point of view

New strategy

With the new strategy, Cramo aims to respond more effectively to the needs of its industrial customers. “We already have a strong culture and a long history of working with industrial customers in Finland”, says Tatu Hauhio, Executive Vice President, Eastern Europe, Cramo Group. “The aim is now to expand this know-how and increase cooperation with industrial customers in the Cramo countries. In addition to learning from each other’s best practices, we also learn to use the same common industry terminology to better understand requirements of our customers. We want to help our international clients by providing them a dedicated contact person within Cramo, no matter which country they operate”.

The quality of action will increase

Customers in the industrial segment differ from the construction industry segment familiar to Cramo. The aim is therefore to develop services and practices that meet the needs especially of the industrial customer. “Of course, we have a wealth of experience in several industries such as the forest, mining, engineering and metal industries, but now our strong will is to develop our business also from the point of view of an industrial customer. That way we are flexible to the customer’s situation – not the other way around “, says Heikki Suhonen, Director of Industry Sales.

Positive experiences for example with service centers and bio-production plants in the forest industry provide a basis for further development. For example, a completely own concept has already been developed for customers in the wind power industry, offering solutions that are ready for wind power customers’ projects. The concept was developed in a cooperation with customers.

“We also consult our clients on a wide range of issues. When we know the customer’s space requirements, for example, we can recommend them a cost-effective solution”, says Suhonen and continues “Our customer promises, which are highly appreciated by our construction customers, holds true for customers in other industries as well. It’s a matter of honor for us to always be on time and always deliver the equipment and services required by the customer without compromising quality”.

Skilled staff is the key

Experienced and professional staff is the key to be able managing of successful industrial project. “We have expertise both on the sales and delivery organization side”, says Tatu Hauhio. Operations have been developed so that the customer will have a same dedicated contact person throughout the whole project. Work safety requires also professional skills.” Our international clients are demanding a high standard here. We operate as per industry standards and deliver, what we promise – without sacrificing safety”, Hauhio sums up.